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Happy Father’s Day

June 18, 2016

Happy Father’s Day weekend to all the fathers out there.

 This is my dad, holding my older sister, he was 19 years old and in the Navy when this photo was taken. He’s a charming, sometimes silly, grandpa now that makes me laugh just about every time I see him. Growing up he was quite…hmm…Navy? Hahahaha! I think he even had my mother organize the canned foods by days of the week. 😆

Showers (for the five of their children) were timed. Learning how to change the oil and tires for “the” car was a requirement for all and instruction was held with precision drills, even though four of his children (the girls) secretly rolled their eyes the whole time. 🙄  Lol!

In his house I learned that “taking care of yours” matters. Your choices, your responsibility, your family…

I learned that good times roll, hard times fall, people fall and people get back up. I learned to tell the truth and tell it all, to love,
to forgive, to appreciate and to live.

Maybe it wasn’t always easy but maybe that’s okay. 😉

Thank you Dad. ❤️ I love you.

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