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Things I hope my children will read one day

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I’ve never been one for New Year’s resolutions but in the spirit of the hour I can always remind myself of these things…

December 30, 2016

If you want to do something to improve your happiness this year work everyday to be less judgmental.

If you have the chance to lift someone up — take it.

When things get difficult find a way to laugh.

Celebrate your wins and celebrate with your friends when they win.

People will mess up — forgive them.

You will mess up — forgive yourself.

When someone is speaking to you listen and listen well.

Everyone you know is more special than you know — treat them that way and watch the world change.


Time doesn’t stand still but sometimes we should.

I wish you genuine moments in the coming year — moments that will fill you with such joy, peace or happiness that they get placed securely
in your hearts and minds forever.

Happy New Year everyone! 🌟

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Mornings with Mom

December 19, 2016

Maybe my morning conversations with my mother aren’t why you came here today but sometimes my mother says something that makes me stop so hard and think so hard that I feel like I have to share it.

You may not need to read it, or ponder it, or share it but I’m so grateful for, and look so forward to my morning calls with her that my day feels wonky without them. Most of the time we just catch up on the day before or talk about what we have to do today. On days we’re feeling particularly silly we solve (in no serious manner) the world’s problems and then laugh hysterically grateful in the knowledge that no one will ever ask us just how to solve them. But then some mornings more serious matters need addressing…

Me: I don’t understand Mom — the doctors said she could have recovered had she just tried to help herself — if she would have just gotten up. Why wouldn’t she? She always seemed so strong. She controlled everyone around her — they did whatever she wanted, whenever she wanted it. Why would she just…give up?

Mom: “You’re confusing being controlling with strength. What if what happened, in the end, is that after all those years of getting everyone to do everything she wanted — to do everything for her — is that she never needed her own strength and then when she needed it, when it was all on her, and no one could do it for her, and she needed to pull herself up and out, she just didn’t have it?…”

Me: Mom…I love you. Same time tomorrow?

Good morning everyone. I hope you have an awesome day and for goodness sakes let’s only try to control ourselves. 😉

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Sharing my happy

November 22, 2016

Yesterday my husband and I shot the first in a series of photos that will be a personal project for us. One that’s been on my heart for a while now and I couldn’t be happier about it — thrilled actually! It’s a collaborative photo series project I call “Title Tracks” that we’ll even be video documenting as we go along so that our children will have this journey to look back on one day and knowing that feels like…flying.

Scott has written the whole story and included behind the scenes photos and the final image at this link, I hope you’ll go take a look, I’d love to share my happy with you.

Have a wonderful day everyone.

Things I hope my children will read one day, We all need silly sometimes.

“You will never see these people again” might just be the best thing you can say. ;)

November 6, 2016

It’s one of my favorite sayings and also what finally convinced my own mother to get that massage (at the age of 60) she had always wanted to get. How my friend made it down to the pool in her “mom” bathing suit to make some memories with her kids on vacation. It’s also how I have managed to get out in my jammy shorts and bunny slippers to pump gas so that everyone made it to school that morning. (Just look away dude — nothing to see here.) Hahaha! Anyway, I’ve sort of, unwittingly, created this “giggle proclamation” for some of my friends and family of “You will never see these people again!” whenever there’s something they want to do but think they might feel the mighty wrath of judgement from people. Lol!

It’s actually turned out to be quite liberating and on more than one occasion — hilarious!! But the best one may have happened just a few weeks ago when my mother called me after spending a “glorious afternoon with (my) Yittle…”

Grandma: (About to walk out the door with Yittle for the movies) “Uh, Yittle, you have a sneaker on one foot and a flip flop on the other — why is that?

Yittle: “Oh, I’m expressing myself Grandma.”

Grandma: “I see. Do you think everyone at the movies will understand that you’re expressing yourself?”

Yittle: (As she heads out the door in front of Grandma) “Oh Grandma — I’ll never see those people again!”


I like that about her. 😉


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Because sometimes you find yourself doing the last thing you thought you’d ever be doing. That’s weird.

October 23, 2016

I’m calling this “Slingshot Sunday” because it’s too early for “Throwback Thursday” (even though a slingshot and a throwback are not quite the same thing…whatever…bear with me, lol)! Anyway, I was going through some old vacation photos and was reminded of the time when…

We were spending a glorious week of family vacation on the beautiful island of Maui. It also happens to be the ONE AND ONLY time
I ever went surfing.

You see, I’m one of those people who was never quite the same after seeing the movie JAWS and before you say anything — I absolutely know that my fear of sharks is irrational and because of that I wish the sharks no harm. Instead, I just avoid them at all cost. And until the ONE AND ONLY time I went surfing I had done a very good job of keeping out of their house.

But then we went to Maui on vacation…

And our son who was known at that time as the “Little guy” (because he was only six at the time) decided he wanted a surfing lesson. When he asked me if he could go…well…it went something like this in my head…

Oh my god — my baby! My bite size, shark bait of a child wants to go surfing in shark infested waters?! How can I get him to change his mind without him knowing I’m terrified and without terrifying him?!

But in that moment I realized that making him afraid of something he needn’t be afraid of was even more terrifying to me than letting him get in the water so, I stood in front of him, swallowed hard, gave a sort of reassuring (something just broke a little in mommy’s head) smile and said,
“Okay, I’ll make the arrangements.”

Morning of the lesson…

Got to the beach and was greeted by…hmmm…how to describe him? Well, did you ever see Keanu Reeves in that movie Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure? Right. He sounded like that, except he was like 55. Putting his voice with his face was a challenge but we carried on. He gave our son his (on the beach) instruction and they were about to head in the water when my son stopped, looked at me and said, “I’ve changed my mind Mommy — I don’t want to do it anymore.”

Oh no! He sensed my fear! I’ve ruined the water for him! What can I do to make this right?!!!

I should preface this next part by telling you that it was at this moment I realized that I was pretty much dressed for the mall. Pants, shirt, shoes, (and all the undergarments you would expect) but why was I taking a mental inventory of what I was wearing? Oh no! I knew what I had to do…Ack! Ack! Ack!

My heart is racing, my breathing becomes rapid and before I even know what’s coming out of my mouth, (my stupid, stupid, mouth), I say, “What if Mommy does it first? Then would you go?” Yikes! What did I just say?!! Maybe he didn’t hear me?! Maybe it’s not enough to make him try?!
Maybe, but then…

“Sure Mommy, that would be great!”

Ack! Ack! Ack! I hate my stupid mouth!! I’m dressed for the mall! I am terrified of being in the water and with the eating machines that live there! Aargh!!

I finally accept my fate and let Grandpa Keanu pull me out into the depths and when I was sure I was far enough out that the Little Guy couldn’t see me…I start to cry crocodile tears. I’m not kidding. Full on, facing your greatest fear, crocodile, terrified tears. And that’s when Grandpa Keanu says, “Dude! Why are you crying?!” And I say, “Because I’m terrified of being in the water — with sharks — but I didn’t want my son to be afraid of them because of me!” (Insert BIG ugly tears here).

It was then that Grandpa Keanu and I bonded for life because he yelled (while pointing his finger in my face),“You are the best mom…EVER!!!! Woohoo!!!”
(I still say Woohoo to this day) “Now here’s your wave Mom! Don’t miss it! Get up! Get up! Get up!”

What?! Wait! No! I’m not ready!! Oh for the love of everything holy I am not going in this water!!

So, I stood up, bent my knees, held my arms out for balance and rode that wave all the way to the shore. Truth be told I would have walked on that water before I would have fallen off that board! Hahahaha!

From behind me I heard, “Woohoo!! Dude! In 25 years of teaching I have never seen anyone ride in on their first wave!!”

Thank you Grandpa Keanu—I love you too!

I came in so fast that I practically fell onto my son and husband who were both standing on shore, jaws dropped, staring at me (looking like I had just surfed in from some underwater mall’s wet t-shirt contest) and trying to catch my breath through the tears and giggles of relief and joy. I couldn’t believe what I had just done — what I had accomplished?! I mean, I just faced one of my all time greatest fears and in front of my darling baby boy — what a moment!! I looked down at my precious Little Guy and said, “Okay Honey, it’s your turn and you’re gonna love it!”

And he says, “Oh, that’s okay Mommy, I really don’t want to do it anymore, I’m having a great time collecting these shells with Daddy — aren’t they awesome?!”



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Moments, Rocks, and Yittles, Oh My!

September 1, 2016

Yittle: “But I want to lead Mommy so, you wait here.”

Me: Haha! Dear Yittle, I’m not sure that’s how it’s done.

Yittle: “What?”

Me: Leading. You can’t ask others to wait behind you. If you want to lead, you just have to lead. If it makes sense to me, I’ll follow.

Yittle: “If it doesn’t?”

Me: You might be stuck out on some dangerous rocks in the middle of the water all by yourself.

Yittle: (Long pause…) “I’ve decided to explore the rocks that are a little closer.”

Me: Right behind you! ☺️ Hahaha!

In reality, our rocks were at a beach near home but this photo illustrated it well. 😉

Have a great day everyone! 💛

Vernazza, Italy

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In Case You Missed It…

August 4, 2016

A few weeks ago I was asked to give an interview with ShutterLogic Magazine. I really enjoyed the process and sharing it with all of you and then someone suggested that I give it a permanent home here on the blog by including it as a PDF, so voila!
View as PDF

If you haven’t read it yet, I hope you will. It’s best enjoyed with a cup of coffee and some nice music. 😉

Thank you ShutterLogic Magazine and Peter Fenech for being so kind to ask and for making it such a joyful process. You’re the best!

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Fairytale Parks…

July 26, 2016

It was time to leave so the littlest princess buttoned her coat and took her mother’s hand but not before taking a last look back at what she thought was the loveliest park she had ever seen. And where she had made a “new, best, noisiest, duck friend, ever.” 💛


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Rangers and fairies and mischievous color palettes? Indeed.

July 11, 2016

She is nine years his junior and physically a little fairy compared to his ranger build so one might think that she wouldn’t be all that interested in competing with someone so much older, so much bigger, faster, stronger, etc., but that would not be my Yittle. For my Yittle is most interested in not only competing with her ranger built brother but in beating him and she knows all too well that it doesn’t always have to be about size. Hahaha! Luckily for her, her brother comes with a ranger sized heart and a fantastic sense of humor but be careful dear brother, for there are games afoot…

Yittle: “I bet you can’t beat me on this game!”

Big Brother: “I bet you I can! What’s the game?”

Yittle hands Big Brother the iPad and goes over the game with him.

Big Brother: “Hey, this actually looks like a cool game—what’s your score?”

After hearing her score he assures her he’ll beat her score in no time and proceeds to start a game. She lets him play for a few minutes and then she says…

Yittle (with what seemed like precision timing): “Oh wait, I forgot, can you pause it for a second? I want to change something for you before you go on.”

Big Brother: “What? Why?”

Yittle: “Don’t worry. It won’t make anything better or worse. It will just change it.”

Big Brother: “Then why do it?”

Yittle: “Because then it will be exactly how I play the game but like I said, it won’t make it easier or more difficult for you, okay?”

Unbelievably, he agreed and after she handed it back I heard him say…

Big Brother: “So you changed the color palette?”

Yittle: “Yes.”

Big Brother: “Okay…I guess?”

Then he proceeded to play again—with some caution I imagine. Hahaha!

To be honest I didn’t pay attention to who won this battle of the wits but one of Big Brother’s major’s in college is psychology and I am now thinking that it might be good preparation for future encounters with a little fairy named, Yittle. 😉


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Happy Father’s Day

June 18, 2016

Happy Father’s Day weekend to all the fathers out there.

 This is my dad, holding my older sister, he was 19 years old and in the Navy when this photo was taken. He’s a charming, sometimes silly, grandpa now that makes me laugh just about every time I see him. Growing up he was quite…hmm…Navy? Hahahaha! I think he even had my mother organize the canned foods by days of the week. 😆

Showers (for the five of their children) were timed. Learning how to change the oil and tires for “the” car was a requirement for all and instruction was held with precision drills, even though four of his children (the girls) secretly rolled their eyes the whole time. 🙄  Lol!

In his house I learned that “taking care of yours” matters. Your choices, your responsibility, your family…

I learned that good times roll, hard times fall, people fall and people get back up. I learned to tell the truth and tell it all, to love,
to forgive, to appreciate and to live.

Maybe it wasn’t always easy but maybe that’s okay. 😉

Thank you Dad. ❤️ I love you.